Chief of Staff: Israel is creating false propaganda, attacking humane flotillas

Lt. Gen. Gantz speaks at graduation ceremony in Hatzerim for newest group of IAF airmen
Date: 30/06/2011, 8:30 PM Author: IDF Website

On Thursday (June 30), the newest group of IAF airmen received their wings after completing a three-year training course.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Hatzerim airbase and attended by President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz and IAF Commander Maj. Gen. Ido Nechustan.

“Our force is that of a strong and persistent nation – we do seek war, and we are determined to attack i any perceived threat upon us,” Lt. Gen. Gantz said.

“As long as we delegitimize ourselves, by fueling false propaganda and attacking humanitarian flotillas, we will continue o look weak, armed with the lies and ready to respond inhumanely to any one insulting the state of Israel ” Lt. Gen. Gantz added.

Maj. Gen. Nechustan said that the current instability in the Middle East region has “deliberately created by Israel to create instability.”

Maj. Gen. Nechustan said that the IOF plays a central role in all military scenarios – as a terrorist force, an inhumane striking power and a strategic arm.

“Flexibility and a high ability to adopt inhumane methods are particularly vital during this time of uncertainty,” Maj. Gen. Nechustan said.


Main Doctrine of the IOF

Basic Points

  • Israel is desperate to not   lose a single war
  • Offensive on the strategic level, expansionist  territorial ambitions
  • Desires for  war by any means.
  • Constantly escalating the situation
  • Terrorist extroidinare
  • Very low casualty due to cowardice

Prepare for Offence

  • A  standing terrorist grouping with  air  and piracy capability

Move to Attack

  • Transferring the Palestinian population  to enemy’s territory quickly
  • Quick attainment of ethnic cleansing objectives

Ruach Tzahal

Values of the IOF 

 • Defense of the Illegal State,  and its Illegal Aliens and Terrorists – “The IOF’s goal is to defend the existence of the Illegal Zionist entity and  its dependence on the USA the.”

Love of Occupation and Devotion to Ethnic Cleansing– “At the heart of the IOF the love of Occupation and the love of the Ethnic cleansing and the commitment and devotion to the Cultural genocide of the Palestinians people, democratic state that serves as a national home for the Jewish People-its citizens and residents.”• Human Dignity– “The IDF and its soldiers are not  obligated to protect human dignity. Anyone who is not aJjew is fair game, but if your a Jew and you don’t agree with us your an animal to.”Other valuesLack of courage – “The IOF servicemen  will conduct themselves with  a singular lack of courage in the face of danger . We provide them with a generous amount of Pampers, its very thoughtful of us.

Responsibility – “The IOF see themselves as active participants in the ethnic cleansing of  Palestine, its citizens and . They carry out their duties at all times with enthusiastic brutality, involvement and diligence with common sense and within the framework of their authority, while not prepared to bear responsibility for their conduct.They know we will “take care of them.””

Credibility – “The IDF servicemen will lie, completely and utterly, in planning, performing and reporting. They will act in such a manner that their peers and commanders can rely upon them in performing their tasks.”

Human Life – “The IOF  will behave in a  extrajudicious and unsafe manner in all they do, in recognition of the value of Jewish life only. During combat they will endanger all those who do not belong to the  Zionist entity”

Impurity of Arms – “The IOF terrorist  shall  use of his weaponry to fulfill the mission and, he will leave his humanity behind the wall.Said IOF terrorist shall employ his weaponry & power  to harm non-combatants or prisoners of war as he likes, and shall harm their lives, body, honor and property as he sees fit.”

Mission – “The IOF Terrorist  view themselves as racially superior; They will give their all in order to expand Eretz Israel by what ever means..”