The Herzliya Conference 2012

The IOF performance at the Herzliya Conference 2012, was a seminal performance by drama queens Aviv Kochavi and Benny Gantz.. “About 200,000 missiles are aimed at Israel at any given time” they cried, even they did not that the chutzpah to say 6 million.And despite the declaration from top experts in the field including Leon Panetta, that Iran is NOT producing nuclear weapons Kochavi waxes lyrical about Israels paranoia over Iran’s nuclear ambitions invoking the name of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei with a dramatic flourish.One really has to wonder where the IOF manage to find this pair of drama queens, under a TelAviv lamp post perhaps?

But not everyone is fooled by this pairs virtuoso drama queen performance..some of the chat back allowed by Haaretz was revealing indeed,,

Even Jews don’t believe them

Let’s hope this joker is as daft as he sounds, 200k missiles, let’s say 90percent, yes 90, are brought down or miss, this lleaves 20k missiles over 4000 sq miles, 5 per sq miles, ehhhh!!!!????? Ffs!!!!!!
Jew not Zionist 02.02.1213:02

Israel is an aunt sally
ky 02.02.1212:47
and there is not much it can do about it

benjamin 02.02.1212:43


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