IDF Blog Exaggerations or Someones telling porkies

Over300/200 or166

This has to be the the saddest propaganda attempt yet.In their latest article they claim “Over the past four days, life has become unbearable for the people of southern Israel. With over 300 rockets exploding in Israeli territory, their days were reduced to keeping within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter.
At the end of the article the number dwindles to 200, ” For real-time updates visit our updating post: Israel Under Fire: More Than 200 Rockets Fired From Gaza”.
But look to the right of the article they have conveniently placed a rocket counter for all to see which states that 166 rockets were fired.So much for the much vaunted Iron Dome System, that they have wasted millions on here the figures show that it has failed to destroy 2 thirds of the missiles fired from Gaza.

Gaza Fire crackers compared to Israeli guided missiles...

If they wern’t such evil B’sturds one could almost feel sad at the pathetic effort put into this public record of the IDF efforts, but instead the tears of laughter are running down my cheeks as I type.


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