IDF Thug of the Month

Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner סא"ל שלום אייזנר

This month the award must go to סא”ל שלום אייזנר    Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, for going above and beyond hid duty on encountering an innocent group of cyclists. This Judeo Nazi thug not only enjoys smashing his weapon into peoples faces, he also gets off on beating up women.

Congratulations Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner you have been awarded the Josef Goebbels Medal of Dishonour!!



One Comment on “IDF Thug of the Month”

  1. Don’t misunderstand this medal!
    It is NOT zionist, but anti-British and pro-German Nazis!
    I try to explain:
    At this time was the NSdAP already ruling Germany.
    Today we read often “Jews and Germans” if German Jews and non-Jews are meant!

    I like this term! It’s a strong rope to hang on and hold without risk and be upset about this “anti-semitic exclusion of Jewish fellow citizens” and “use of 3rd Reich vocabulary”, “eternal right wing stupidity” …we can further develop the theme´, if the fish has bitten and begins to doubt for his political correctness! And every writer for official news or private sites tries anxiously trying to avoid anything which could accuse him for this terrible crime against the official government line that is published by Springer / Bertelsmann, the “public opinion” and the German Basic Law. – for a journalist it may have been the last employment.for his lifetime!
    Indeed is the origin of “Deutsche und Juden” here an invention of the Nazis and the prerequisite for the establishment of the state of Israel was the creation of a “Jewish Nation”.
    Those, which wore this medal, didn’t feel as another nation and possibly they were not Jews, but descendants of Jews.
    Palestine was British protectorate. The British government was influenced by jewish zionists then. So far they had to permit for EVERY Jew the visit of Palestine, even for Germans, if they claimed to be Jews!! And this visit was supported by the Nazis to anger the Britons!
    These German mole Jews didn’t want to live in Palestine!
    They were proud to be Germans! They supported the Nazis and fought the British zionists in 2nd world war.

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