How the IDF celebrate Holocaust Day!!

The IDF way of starting off their celebration of Holocaust Rememberance Day in Israel. Bastards.
The Nazis also moved into the houses of the ethnically cleansed Jewish……As I always say there is only an ashke that seperates Nazi from Ashkenazi.Perhaps this is their impression of the Waffen SS.

Protected by Israeli police, Israeli Jewish settlers move into the home of Khaled Natshe, a Palestinian family who were forced to hand it over their houses to the Jewish settlers in the Israeli annexed Arab east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Beit Hanina, on April 18, 2012. The eviction of the 14-member Natshe family from two houses in Beit Hanina was the first successful attempt by settlers to secure a property in the well-heeled Arab district in the northern part of east Jerusalem, rights groups said. AFP PHOTO/AHMAD GHARABLI


One Comment on “How the IDF celebrate Holocaust Day!!”

  1. jim says:

    enjoy because your days of self glorifications will soon be over

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