How the IDF celebrate Holocaust Day!!

The IDF way of starting off their celebration of Holocaust Rememberance Day in Israel. Bastards.
The Nazis also moved into the houses of the ethnically cleansed Jewish……As I always say there is only an ashke that seperates Nazi from Ashkenazi.Perhaps this is their impression of the Waffen SS.

Protected by Israeli police, Israeli Jewish settlers move into the home of Khaled Natshe, a Palestinian family who were forced to hand it over their houses to the Jewish settlers in the Israeli annexed Arab east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Beit Hanina, on April 18, 2012. The eviction of the 14-member Natshe family from two houses in Beit Hanina was the first successful attempt by settlers to secure a property in the well-heeled Arab district in the northern part of east Jerusalem, rights groups said. AFP PHOTO/AHMAD GHARABLI


Espirit de Nazi

And further to our story on Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner comes a list of names of IDF members and ex members who have written and signed a letter of support for him.

The letter was signed:

Lt. Col. retired Maj. Amir Adar retired Maj. Igal Dahan retired Major era Zlitzki retired Captain Omari Stern retired Captain Roy Erez retired Lieutenant Moshe Shamir retired Sergeant Major hemlock father retired Max Bielrtz’ik SFC reserves Ilan already SFC reserves Aviad Einav – Zaga SFC reserves Dima Tz’rtz’insky SFC reserves Sergeant Major Samuel spoken retired Maj. Paz Slumonovic’ retired Capt. Moses Abrahamreserve Avner Ben – Captain generation retired Capt. Nathaniel Catalan retired Lieutenant Ido Ruth retired Vice wave Tendler retired Maj. Little Neumann retired Maj. Terry Tamir retired Major Nadav Adri retired Sergeant Major praise peace retired Lt. Benjamin Grayer retired Sergeant Major Shlomo loyal retired Sergeant Major Asaf Engelberg retired Master Sergeant Elad Rrfort retired Master Sergeant Vicky fresh retired Major on Izralov retired Sgt lily Naftali reserve Tyree Major founding retired Major Fadi Zuhri retired Maj. Ron Ben-Abraham, retired Sergeant Major Danny Skytl retired Sergeant Major David Cohen Tofyakian retired Sergeant Major bravado packed retired Sgt Dawn Levy retired Sgt Royce and Iatzslb retired Sergeant Dagan Sndrins retired Corporal Zvi Goren retired Master Sergeant Eyal Weiss retired Lieutenant Schwartz Chen retired deputy Aryeh Segal retired Master Sergeant Eli Kamenetsky retired Lt. Daniel Kfir reserve Yuval Daniel Major reserve Captain Tamir Hershkovitz retired Lt. Ezekiel Solomon retired Staff Sergeant Jonathan Firer retired Sergeant Major Iorek Izralov retired Sergeant Major Ronen Nachum retired Sergeant Major Moshe Shaul retired Sergeant Major Ran Nachmany reserve Welcome Rosenold SFC reserves germ Sergeant Eran retired Deputy Amir Schwartz retired Sergeant Major Hanan Aswagh retired Sergeant Major Samuel talked to retired Sergeant Major Boost Gamma retired Maj. Elad Abraham retired Major Moshe Alfasi retired Sergeant Major Moshe Spiegel retired Lt. Elad Rapaport reserve deputy Haim Katz retired Sergeant Major Raviv Ehrlich Elkanah lose SFC reserve Sgt Greenfield Bear retired Sergeant Major Isaac Barkat retired Major Dimitri Plotkin “to reserve Sergeant Major Oak Bloom retired Sergeant Major construction Kntman retired Sergeant Major Chen Gabrielli retired Sergeant Major Kobe Sharoweintr retired Master Sergeant lion Iakblb retired Sergeant Major Alexei Sfitlnik retired retired Sergeant Assaf Spitzer Haggai Ratzabi symbol reserve Master Sergeant Abraham Hayon retired Israeli Shlomi Ben-Shimon Sergeant Major Eric reserve Omer Sagi. Major reserves Sasson SFC Tamir retired Sergeant Major Shlomi Cohen r

They support this creatures  disgusting behaviour…. the IDF does not work on Espirit de corps the but it certainly runs on Espirit de Nazi.The letter says (note the google translation)

“We, the officers and soldiers of the reserve battalion, served under the command of Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner years 2008 to 2011. During these years we carried out together operational employment and different training. In light of media in the event the valley road disturbances from Saturday 04/14/2012 We wish to express our support and appreciation for him as a person, as a member and commander of values and morals. ”

“Lieutenant Colonel Eisner is a veteran commander of rights which he held high a host of various commanding positions decrees for two decades. During all his roles Eisner was careful to Lieutenant Colonel and his troops (and as he did in this event as well) and adhere to the task, while ensuring the values of the IDF spirit. Lt. Col. once volunteered to lead Eisner task, even when not called to the flag. Such was the Second Lebanon War “.

“As a person, he gave Lt. Col. Eisner treatment sensitivity as well as the welfare of his soldiers unusual events commanded them, such as maternity care Hflstinait valley road, which happened recently. Of confidence in the military, active reservists and servants, we are convinced that the rights of the many take his side When you come to discuss the measures commanding him ”

IDF Thug of the Month

Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner סא"ל שלום אייזנר

This month the award must go to סא”ל שלום אייזנר    Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, for going above and beyond hid duty on encountering an innocent group of cyclists. This Judeo Nazi thug not only enjoys smashing his weapon into peoples faces, he also gets off on beating up women.

Congratulations Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner you have been awarded the Josef Goebbels Medal of Dishonour!!


WHO IS THE TERRORIST? An Israeli tank is shooting at civilian house in Nablus..



The IOF excel in beating up those weaker than themselves. This time its a woman.


And They Even Had Cup Cakes

#Disclaimer-If   you have just eaten a cup cake I bear no responsibility for resulting barf form reading this. The past week has been a big week for the boys at the IDF, not only did the take out Zuheir Al-Queisi, secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees, in yet another targeted assassination, after seemingly to get approval for it from Netenyahu’s visit to Barak Obama at the Whitehouse .They also managed to test out their much vaunted Iron Dome System, whose one third success rate seems rather dismal after the millions spent on it. And before the bodies were even settled in their graves, the makers of the Iron dome Rafael immediately begun to raise  half a billion shekels on its some what questionable results. But the excitement for the IDF did not just end there . Coinciding with the results of the extra  judicial attack on Al Queisi was the annual American Friends of the IDF Annual Fundraising Ball. And despite the fact that Benny was meant to  have his hands filled  catching fire crackers coming over the fence from Gaza, the intrepid leader of the IDF took time out to appear  live via satellite at the ball- Alas for poor Gilad Shalit , he to  wheeled out via satellite to thrill the gussied-up women in low-cut gowns and bespectacled men in tuxedos sipping  chardonnay while  half a world away the Israeli soldiers for whom they were raising money were manning anti-rocket batteries along the Israel-Gaza border. But the real star of the night was  a combat soldier named Doron who operates one of the Iron Dome anti-missile batteries and appeared alongside Gantz in the satellite broadcast.  one can only imagine the thrilled gasps of the  gussied-up women in low-cut gowns as Doron explained he had managed to intercept 4 missiles.

The Gorgeous Gussied up Gals in Low Cut Gowns.

The FIDF managed to raise a whopping $26 million  tax-free American dollars for their boys in Israel in just one night. But perhaps even better news it has provided Rafael the makers of the Iron Dome investors for the half billion shekels fund-raising venture they announced Monday morning after the attack. After such a thrilling evening the gorgeous gussied up gals in low-cut gowns will be panting to invest with Rafael. Never mind the 20 dead from the murderous Israeli attack, or the 80 men women and many children whose injuries have not even begun to heal. And I know someone is happy look at Bibi

והשמש זורחת לי מהתחת.

Grinning like the cat the licked the cream, one has to wonder if he owns shares in Rafael. Its been a great week for Bibi. After singing for his supper at AIPAC at the beginning of the week  , 26 million in the pocket after the ball and a sucessful weapons test, the man is rolling in it. The only thing he lacks now is Nijads head on a plate.

Oh and the barf inducing cup cakes….

Big Violent Benny Gantz